Acne Treatments : Natural Remedies And Tips To Treat Acne

Natural remedies for acne


   Acne is the cause of blockage of the sebaceous glands present at the base of the hair follicles causes the formulation of pimples.


   It is the hormonal imbalances that cause more secretions of the sebaceous glands that are at the base of the hair follicle.

   During secretion combined with environmental dirt, such as dust, microorganisms in the atmosphere these factors will make the situation of acne worse.


   Here are some natural remedies for acne that are easy to find and easy to reach.


Anti-Acne Diet: Get Rid of Acne by Eating Healthier


   A good diet and a deep and complete sleep, with regular exercise, are very important actions to eliminate acne.

   Drink lots of water at least 8 glasses a day and fresh juices.


Eating a diet rich in vitamins


   The best thing to do is eat a diet rich in vitamins.

   It is necessary to avoid junk food and deserts like ice cream.

   Dermatologists believe that pimples disappear if you practice a low-fat diet such as cheese, butter, whole milk with a high fat content this little action to prevent acne.

   Vitamin A is able to strengthen said tissue that protects the skin to prevent acne.

   Foods rich in vitamin A, such as carrots will help to get the necessary amount of vitamin A.


A diet rich in zinc helps heal acne.


   An enzyme rich in zinc converts into vitamin A in a form that our body can use with an anti-inflammatory effect.

   Zinc is found in diets high in protein and also in peanuts and legumes.

   Vitamin C is an excellent source for healing acne lesions.

   The acne that accompanies menstruation can be cured with vitamin B 6 found in eggs, milk, red meat, beans before and during periods of acne.


Natural remedies to treat acne


Lemon juice

   Mix lemon juice and tomato juice.

   Add a little glycerin, mix, shake very strongly until an emulsion is obtained.

   Apply on the acne pimple once a day after each bath.


    Consume a lot of garlic, preferably raw.

    Lightly rub the skin with a clove of fresh garlic cut in half.

Tomato and Olive Oil Mask

   Cleansing mask with tomato and olive oil:

   The tomato is a fruit rich in acidic salts and also contains many vitamins (A in particular).

   It has an anti-infectious and healing effect on the skin; it also helps to clean the skin.

   Ideal to treat acne

   To do this, cut a tomato in thin slices that you apply on your acne pimples for about twenty minutes.

   Then rinse thoroughly with water and with a soap surgras to preserve the balance of your skin.

   Renew the operation for 8 days.

Rose Water Lotion DIY

   Make your own rose water lotion to get rid of acne.

   Soak a handful of rose petals in cold water all night long.

   Remove the petals and store the liquid in an airtight jar.

   Apply this lotion morning and evening.

Olive Oil and Lavender Essential Oil

   Thanks to its nourishing and energizing action on the skin, olive oil brings all its dynamism to the skin and allows it to eliminate impurities.

   To get rid of acne, make the following preparation:

   Mix 20 cl of virgin olive oil with 10 drops of lavender essential oil.

   Apply compresses impregnated with this preparation on the areas affected by acne pimples.

   Renew the operation daily, once a day.

   The effect should be felt after about a week.


   Sage is also effective for acne.

   To make it a skin lotion, soak sage leaves in water overnight.

   Drain and store the liquid in an airtight jar.

   Use this lotion morning and evening.


   It has bactericidal and antiseptic properties that help to get rid of acne pimples and blackheads.

   To do this, squeeze the juice of a lime and use this juice to clean your face (using cotton soaked in juice).

   Your pores will become tighter and your skin will be clean and clean.

Stop Eating Dairy

   To eliminate acne, you should also exclude dairy products as much as possible until the skin has recovered.

   You can then gradually begin to consume your favorite dairy products, while controlling their effects.

Green Clay Mask

   Green clay is particularly recommended for treating oily skin.

   This is the case with acne skin.

   To prepare a homemade mask, dilute 1 tablespoon of green clay in a large cup of water.

   Mix and apply on the face.

   Leave for a quarter of an hour.

   Clean with clear water and dry thoroughly.

   You can add 2 drops of lavender essential oil to the preparation.


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