Your bird, whether a parakeet, a parrot or a goldfinch … like other pets, can be injured; Here is what you need to know to build a useful first aid kit for birds if necessary. 

The realization of a first aid kit for pet birds allows you to be better equipped to treat or save your bird in the event of a minor emergency. The basic supplies you should have on hand include: 

  •     A towel 
  •     Sterile gauze pads and strips 
  •     Elastic bandage tape 
  • Cotton balls 
  •     Hemostatic powder 
  •     Hydrogen peroxide 
  •     Antiseptic iodine swabs 
  •     Scissors 
  •     A nail clipper 
  •     Hemostatic forceps 
  •     Heating pillow 
  •     Transport cover for bird 

Note that some items have a limited lifespan (for example, hydrogen peroxide expires 30-45 days after opening), so also remember to check your first aid kit regularly and discard expired products. 

Find an Avian Veterinarian 

Basic First Aid for Pet Birds - Healthy Bird
Basic First Aid for Pet Birds – Healthy Bird

Take the time now to find a certified avian veterinarian and have their contact information readily available at all times (you could write them down on the first aid kit, for example). Also provide the telephone number and address of the nearest 24-hour bird animal clinic for emergency medical care. 

Take your bird to the veterinarian for regular checkups. Take the opportunity to discuss a first specific assistance plan to adopt for your bird species. The veterinarian will be able to recommend specific products for your pet bird to keep on hand and advise you when to use them if necessary. 

For minor bird injuries, you may be able to successfully perform first aid at home. But you should consult your veterinarian because some injuries can become serious if they are not treated quickly and / or correctly.