Treatment of Minor Wounds 

Basic First Aid for Pet Birds - Healthy Bird
Basic First Aid for Pet Birds – Healthy Bird

For minor wounds and sores, broken beaks or broken nails, keep calm so as not to stress your bird. If he becomes anxious, his heart rate will increase, which could cause further bleeding. 

    Gently press small cuts with a piece of gauze or a gauze pad to stop the bleeding. 

    Be careful not to hold your bird by the chest or compress its chest as this can cause suffocation. 

    In some cases, you may need to apply pressure to the wound for up to 10 minutes to stop the bleeding. When the bleeding has stopped, clean the area with water. 

For broken nails or a chipped beak, apply hemostatic powder to the affected area. You can also use cornstarch, baking soda or flour if you don’t have hemostatic powder, although it may not be as effective. 

Treat Broken Blood Feathers 

Treat Broken Blood Feathers
Basic First Aid for Pet Birds – Healthy Bird

When your bird breaks a feather of blood, it can be an alarming sight. Blood feathers are young feathers that are still growing and the central stem contains blood. 

    First, apply pressure with a sterile gauze pad to stop the bleeding. 

    After the bleeding stops, contact your veterinarian immediately to see if it is necessary to have the feather removed. 

    Carefully wrap your bird in a towel and put it in your bird carrier if you need to take a trip to your veterinarian. Do not try to remove a feather of blood yourself.