Treat Heat Stress 

Treat Heat Stress in pet birds
Basic First Aid for Pet Birds – Healthy Bird

On hot days your bird may be “overheated”. If your bird is gasping while holding its wings away from its body, it may suffer from heat stress and must be cooled immediately to avoid heat stroke, which is a medical emergency. 

    Move your bird to a cooler part of the house and mist it with a bottle of cool water. 

    Avoid putting your bird in front of an air conditioner or fan. (this could cause a dangerous thermal shock). 

    Make sure it has fresh, clean water and monitor it closely. 

    Keep your bird as calm and relaxed as possible and contact your veterinarian as a precaution. 

Heal a Broken Wing 

Basic First Aid for Pet Birds – Healthy Bird

If your bird has a broken wing, you will need to take it to your veterinarian. Use elastic bandage tape to wrap it lightly and keep it from moving its wings during the trip, but do not wrap it too tightly.