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Easy Healthy Food Recipes, Eat well, eat healthy and stay slim, it’s possible!
Do you follow a diet and are looking for recipes to lose weight?
You want to have fun at the table while losing your extra pounds?
You are passionate about dietetics and want balanced nutrition?
Here is a selection of recipes to lose weight while having fun.
Gourmet recipes but less caloric to slim down slowly but surely.
Slimming recipes or light recipes, yes but without sacrificing taste.
Because we can eat good and balanced, enjoy life without the calories.
Diet does not always mean deprivation, unflavored recipes,  because simply replacing some ingredients by others more favorable to our health.
Nowadays, light recipes are also reserved for desserts.
In short, from the aperitif to the sweet dessert, our diet recipes accompany all your diet plan.
Find Light, easy and Quick Healthy Food Recipes
Dietary and gourmet cuisine to lose weight without diet.
Spinach and Ricotta Mashed Potatoes

Spinach and ...