Sad & Depressed Dog : 9 Telltale Signs Your Dog is Unhappy


2. The Dog has no more energy

Depressed dog : The Dog has no more energy

A happy dog ​​likes to play with its master or with its toys and is always ready for an outing. If your furry ball seems listless, bored, isolated, no longer enjoys anything and especially not for a walk, these symptoms are among warning signs of depression in dogs, so check its state of health.

If everything is normal, try to vary the activities in order to get it out of its torpor and prevent depression in dogs.PAGE BREAK

3. The Dog sulks its bowl

A dog that is no longer eating is actually not a sign of good mental or physical health, it may be a Sad Dog or even a Depressed dog.

If this fast lasts more than a day, consult your veterinarian immediately.