A Flat Stomach In A Week!

How To Lose Belly Fat?


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  A flat stomach in a week, the dream of all those who have an excess belly fat and who wish to get rid of it very quickly.

  Some are fortunate to have this famous flat belly even though they do not practice any sport and eat dough to spread all day long. And yes, life is sometimes unfair.

  For all others, we will explain how to achieve this through this article.


  The flat stomach is difficult to obtain, but not IMPOSSIBLE. There are many tips to refine your belly.

Because you will have to remove the excess belly fat.


1 -Practice a physical activity!


   Regular physical activity is the best way to spend this extra energy.

A combination of abdominal and cardio series is probably the best way to achieve this famous flat stomach.

  The abdominals must also be well worked to give a firm and tonic for this famous flat stomach.

  Attention, it is important not to strive on a series of 1000 repetitions of abs, it is strictly for nothing.

  The part of the abdominals that should be favored is the transverse muscle (deep

muscle abdominals).

  The transverses are mainly working on static exercises such as sheathing. 

  Cardio will allow you to spend a lot of calories, up to 900 kcal per hour.

  Cardio exercises should be performed for a minimum of 40 minutes to be really effective.

  There are a lot of cardio exercises, you choose the one that suits you:

  • Running
  • Fast walk
  • Swimming
  • Bike

Food for a flat stomach!


2 – Monitor your food intake because diet is the basis of everything, be careful not to eat too fat, too sweet and too salty we can never say enough


   In fact, eating too much saturated fatty acid will suddenly produce fat.

  Choose unsaturated fatty acids that you can find in olive oil.

  Do not eat too much sugar because indeed, carbohydrates are sources of energy, which once absorbed need to be consumed by the body to not form fat.

  For this you must do a physical activity, so it is strongly recommended that you do not consume starchy foods at night because this source of carbohydrates will be useless during the night and therefore your body will use these carbohydrates to form reserves in the form of fat.

  You have surely understood, a flat stomach is not obtained in a week but with the will, it is possible to get it quickly.

  So you have all the cards in hand to succeed.

Burn Fat Very Fast Using Garcinia Cambogia Extract 

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