Natural Liver Cleanse : How To Detox Your Liver Naturally

How To Detox Your Liver Naturally?


    Autumn and spring are two seasons where the liver must be drained, especially since it is even more solicited when you get sick.

   A dirty liver is a source of fatigue.


   Three Natural Remedies make it possible to carry out a detoxifying treatment for the liver:


The lemon


   Lemon juice, preferably yellow, can be drunk at any time of the day, depending on your tolerance.

   The cure is carried out over three weeks.


The artichoke


   The artichoke can also be consumed at a rate of one per day.


Black radish.


   Black radish is by far the most effective drainer of the liver, ten times more than lemon or artichoke.

   Consume three beautiful slices a day for three weeks, with a little salted butter for example.

   There is also a dietary supplement if you do not like it.


Liver and diet


The enemies of the liver


   The nutritional behavior of the individual is fundamental to the good health of our liver.


   Very often diseases of the liver and gallbladder are caused by an excessive diet, indigestible, not adapted to our digestive physiology.


What are the foods to avoid?




   One of the main enemies of the liver in our diet is sugar, whether it is natural sugar in food or industrial sugar added to preparations and beverages.


   What is the impact of overconsumption of sugar on our liver?


   The liver plays a vital role in regulating our blood sugar level.

   It will store the excess sugar in the form of glycogen that will degrade when cells need glucose.

   If our sugar consumption exceeds its glycogen storage capacity, this excess will be stored as fat in the liver as well as in fat cells.

   This is the beginning of steatosis, fatty liver disease.


Where is our diet, all that sugar we eat?


   Today we find it almost everywhere: in its natural form in fruits, vegetables, cereals, legumes, dairy products.


    But above all, which is problematic, we find in the form of sugar added and refined in pastries, sodas, fruit juices, biscuits, ice cream, breakfast cereals, industrial desserts and hidden in almost all dishes and industrial products.

   Thus, 70% of the sugar that is consumed is ingested indirectly, that is to say without even being aware of eating it!


Food processed by the agri-food industry


   They should be limited as much as possible and ideally removed from our diet.

   Beyond all this refined sugar they hide, they also contain a large number of bio-indegradable chemical molecules that our liver will have to neutralize and eliminate.

  These added substances are intended:

   To make the industrial preparation attractive (agents of textures, dyes, etc.)

   To give it more taste (aromas, sugar and salt which one names flavor enhancers)

   To preserve the product in the time without being attacked by bacteria (preservatives, but also the refined sugar and salt are also systematically added in the industrial preparations because they preserve the food).

   All these synthetic substances overload our liver.

   In addition, these “ready-made” foods are rich in trans fatty acids.

   These are fats that have been transformed by the food industry, they have been hydrogenated to withstand high temperatures.

   Their molecular structure has been modified and our body does not recognize this kind of lipid that it will store in its adipocytes or in the liver.


   They are also usually found in margarines (even organic!), Refined oils, industrial preparations based on vegetable fats, biscuits, pastries, pie dough, pastries, spreads or even UHT or pasteurized dairy products.


   An excess of consumption of these bad fats will be harmful for our liver and our overall health.


False foods: tea, coffee, chocolate.


   Just like alcohol and tobacco, tea, chocolate and coffee are products that are consumed to stimulate our physical and / or psychic abilities.

   They are exciting because they are toxic.

   Their active substance (theine, caffeine and theobromine for chocolate) are part of the family of alkaloids that are poisons for our liver.


   The “whiplash” effect felt after the consumption of these fake foods is actually the reaction of our body to stress, these toxic molecules, which it seeks to eliminate.


   In addition, these substances block digestion and promote fermentations.

   If the theine is an alkaloid toxic for our liver, are all the teas worth? No.


  It is the black teas that are the most concentrated in theine and that I advise you to replace with green tea, white tea or red tea (rooibos).


   Green tea contains less theine and has a power twice as much antioxidant as black tea, which is very interesting for our body.

   White tea has very little and red tea does not have any at all.

   It is actually not from the tea plant but from a small shrub of South Africa whose leaves are allowed to ferment.


   As for coffee, in addition to containing an alkaloid (caffeine), it contains toxic substances from the roasting of the coffee bean.

   Caffeine prevents the absorption of iron, stops digestive secretions and interrupts digestion.

   This gives rise to fermentations and / or digestive putrefactions and thus to poisons such as indoles or skatoles that will join the liver if the weakened intestinal barrier allows them to enter the bloodstream.


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