Peeling Skin : Effective Natural Home Remedies


   Having a peeling skin is not very aesthetic, but it is unfortunately very common in winter.

   Indeed, between the cold and the dry air, the skin ends up cracking and reveal some dander.

   And then just a cold or flu passes by, and it becomes the fiesta of the dead skin on our nose!

  Fortunately, there are effective natural treatments to use in addition to good hydration.

   And above all, resist the urge to remove its small skin so as not to irritate and sensitize your skin.

   In short, drink a lot of water and put those tips back.


Effective Natural Home Remedies For Peeling Skin


Aloe vera


   Summer or winter, aloe vera always saves us!

   However, it is particularly indicated for peeling skin thanks to its healing, moisturizing and deep regenerating power.

   In addition, its gel calms the itching or possible pain related to irritation.

   In short, apply on the thirsty areas of your body and face as soon as possible in the day to quickly say goodbye to your peeling skin.




   A little yogurt and your face will change?

   We must believe that yes, because we do not do better to stop the itching and irritation.

   In addition, natural yogurt (plant or animal) provides moisturizing properties!

   Ultimately, this little ingredient in the kitchen can therefore take care of your hydrolipidic film.

   To do this, you can add a little honey for an even more restorative effect, healing and nourishing.

   It’s not mandatory, but it’s a plus!

   Then, apply a layer of this mask for 15 minutes on the skin before rinsing with warm water.


Other cooking ingredients to make a mask: the yolk added 2 tablespoons of olive oil to apply 20 minutes on the areas to be treated can treat your dander effectively.


Vegetable Oils


   Using a vegetable oil after its moisturizer has two uses.

   Already, this allows to recreate the lipid barrier of the skin.

   But in addition, it will help keep the water in your skin and prevent it from escaping during the day.

   And here the choice of weapons is very wide, because many oils can be used and bring their own healing powers to the skin.


    Jojoba oil is a must because it is close to the sebum of the skin and is very well tolerated by the most oily or mixed skins.

   It can be applied at any time of the day by gently tapping areas where peeling skin is visible.

   Also, do not forget coconut oil (nourishing, moisturizing, antibacterial, healing, rich in fatty acids and antioxidants).

   It is said to be very comedogenic on the face, but in fact, some skins tolerate it very well.

   It’s up to you to see if it gives you pimples, in which case you can reserve it for your body and hair.

   In any case, she knows how to stop the irritation!

    For a good-looking effect, try the ultra-vitaminized carrot oil, an anti-aging that regenerates the skin.

    Otherwise, try rich oils like argan, castor or avocado!




   Rose is a powerful cosmetic active!

   Thus, we can use the Chilean Rosehip Oil to deeply rehydrate the skin.

   You can add a few drops to your cream or your care oil to increase the moisturizing effectiveness.

   Otherwise, opt for the Rosehip vegetable oil.

   Anti-aging, healing, restorative and regenerating desire, it is generally liked a lot on stretch marks and scars.

   Nevertheless, it can also work wonders in application on dry and sensitive skin.


Pure shea butter


   In addition to protecting the skin against external aggressions, it helps peeling skin to regenerate effectively.

   It’s also the best when it comes to feeding very dry skin!

   In fact, we like to put it in the evening before bed to enjoy its restorative effect during the night.

   Moreover, since it is non-comedogenic, it is very easily tolerated by peeling skin on the body or face.

   In short, it is a happiness to display a supple and soft skin all winter.


Some complementary care For Peeling Skin


   To gently cleanse your skin, try black soap that repairs and regenerates while gently removing dead skin.

   Same thing with Aleppo soap that will clean without aggressing and leave the skin hydrated after cleaning!

   Also, you can mix 2 teaspoons of sugar and a few drops of lemon juice to scrub your dead skin effectively.

   Then leave for 10 minutes and rinse with warm water.


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