Sun Spots : Natural Home Remedies to Get Rid of Brown Spots on Skin

Natural Home Remedies to Get Rid of Brown Spots on Skin


   Many women in their fifties are affected by brown spots that appear on their hands and face.

   The main cause of these spots is the sun but there are other elements that make the skin can spice up, for example pregnancy and natural skin aging.

   These spots are explained by the disruption of melanin production.

The pigmentation is then distributed anarchically on the surface of the skin.


   It is extremely difficult to remove these tasks once they are installed.

   You can call on a dermatologist who can burn these spots with nitrogen but in a punctual way.

   There are also creams depigmenting pharmacy but are very expensive for very small effects.


What are the causes of brown spots?


  These spots are mostly due to sun, skin aging, or both.

  They offer a superb array of chestnuts and browns ranging from more or less light beige to more or less dark brown, and of course, they are usually found on the parts of the body that are closest to the sun, as the face, or the cleavage, legs or arms and hands.

   Essentially these are the tasks of aging, when in the pregnancy mask, the spots will be rather large and not very symmetrical, and the color draws instead to coffee latte, and focus mainly on the face.


   It is most often from the age of forty, and sometimes around thirty, that such brown spots can begin to appear.

   But be aware that in the majority of cases, they are not dangerous.   

   However, some of them may decide to become thicker, take more space, and then they become what is called keratosis.

   If you have any doubt, the slightest question, the best is still to consult a dermatologist.

   If, however, the stains are not installed for too long, you can try natural remedies.


Natural remedies to remove brown spots


Lemon juice


   You can apply it in friction, it will make your skin clearer.




   It is also very effective in lotion (infuse a handful of parsley in boiling water).


Onion Juice


   For freckles it is known that we can also use onion juice


Essential Oils


In terms of essential oils, essential oil of celery is very effective, as well as carrot and geranium ..


You can also use a blend of carrot, geranium, and celery essential oils in two tablespoons of rose hip vegetable oil.




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