To welcome the abandoned kitten to your home, it is a question of reproducing the warm and cozy environment of its mother’s coat. How to take care of a newborn kitten without a mother?

Taking care of abandoned kittens requires to do many things. We must provide the maternal service: feed them milk, help them make their needs, pamper them (speak to them gently, massage their stomachs very gently to help them meet their needs, etc.), play with them as soon as they will ask for it after a few weeks and teach them the limits before 3 months so as not to scratch and bite without limit.

You have understood that you will become the surrogate mother of your kitten. Whether you are a man or a woman, you will become in the eyes of the kitten a “cat mom”, meowwww


Taking Care Of Abandoned Kittens : How to take care of an abandoned newborn kitten ?

Because their mother ensures a regulated and sufficient temperature, Taking care of abandoned kittens is a question of reproducing this same heat during the first weeks of your kitten’s life.

If you cannot place the kitten’s basket glued to a radiator, I suggest you get a hot water bottle surrounded by a soft little towel in which it will curl up like against its mother’s belly.