14 Homemade Remedies To Whiten Teeth Naturally

   Best Teeth Whitening Natural Treatments

   Over time, the teeth become stained and yellow.

   Tobacco use, regular consumption of coffee, tea, sugary foods and enamel that is too porous also contribute to yellowing of the teeth.

   Are there tips and tricks or natural remedies from grandmothers to brighten your teeth tint and smile with brighter teeth?

   The goal is to have whiter teeth at a lower cost and avoid toxic or dangerous substances for teething and gums.

   I propose you to discover 14 effective home remedies to whiten your teeth naturally.

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Baking soda

   Baking soda is one of the most effective natural remedies for whitening teeth.

   The toothpastes that are found in commerce contain moreover regularly.  

   Thanks to its fine particles, baking soda helps, in combination with a meticulous brushing, to rid the teeth of the spots that tarnish them.

   It is the most popular and certainly the most effective ingredient for whitening one’s teeth naturally.

   Accessible in supermarkets, baking soda contains fine particles that act as a kind of scrub on the enamel.

   If it is quite possible to sprinkle a pinch directly on his toothbrush, it is still advisable to add a little toothpaste to save the rather unpleasant taste of the product.

   Then, just brush your teeth normally and rinse well with clear water.

   A tip not to reproduce more than twice a week, not to subject the gums and enamel treatment too abrasive.

Coarse sea salt


   Coarse sea salt has been used for several generations to whiten teeth.

   Here, bleaching is done through the antifungal and antiseptic properties of salt, due in particular to its high iodine content.

   With this 100% natural method, we start with a preparation based on warm water and coarse salt.

   In the liquid, immerse the toothbrush before proceeding to its usual brushing.

   In the absence of coarse salt, we can use table salt, but the effect will not be exactly the same, coarse salt is less processed and therefore more effective.

   To see the whiteness of the teeth with the sea salt method, wait a few weeks.

   Be careful not to abuse, like baking soda, it is not used more than twice a week.



   True star of the healers of the Antiquity, the sage is a plant stuffed with benefits.

   Ideal for treating stomach ache and regulating perspiration, it also has the property of whitening teeth.

   It is easily found in powder form in supermarkets.

   The most common method is to add two tablespoons to a cup of boiling water and let cool.

   Once done, we use this homemade mixture after each meal as a classic mouthwash.

   For the lazy, it is also possible to just chew a sage leaf.



   Chewing in an apple acts like a toothbrush.

   Over the course of several minutes, the process of chewing the flesh of an apple naturally clears food stuck between your teeth and gets rid of a lot of excess bacteria in your mouth.

   In addition, by crunching in an apple, rubbing helps to remove some stains that form on the teeth.

   Apples also contain malic acid, a natural chemical used in teeth whitening products.

   Like the strawberry, the apple helps keep teeth clean and white.

   Good to know: carrots have exactly the same properties.

Vegetable charcoal


    In commerce, we obtain charcoal by charring several varieties of poplars or coconuts.

    Charcoal is certainly black but that does not prevent it from whitening teeth effectively.

    If you bought it as capsules, you can open them to release the powder.

   Be aware that charcoal is not at all harmful to health.

   To benefit from the whitening properties, you can put some charcoal powder directly on your toothpaste before you wash your teeth.

   Some people find it beneficial to add a drop of Tea Tree essential oil or Citrus limomum to the charcoal powder.

   Other people prefer to dip a wet cotton swab into the black coal powder and rub it against each tooth.

   It takes a bit of time but this dental care can whiten teeth in a spectacular and natural way.

The papaya


   It is not the fruit which is necessary for having white teeth, but his precious sap.

   Thanks to the enzyme it contains – called papain – it is able to penetrate enamel pigments and eliminate unwanted colors.

   Presented in the form of drops and generally marketed in pharmacy, papain does not run any danger for the teeth and can therefore be used without limit.

   To apply it, we use a slightly moistened cotton and let it act all night long.

   After one week, the first results are visible.

The Lemon

   Thanks to its acidity, lemon is ideal to restore whiteness to yellowed and stained teeth.

   It is also perfect for reducing tartar and keeping breath always fresh.

   With the vitamin C it contains, the lemon will also strengthen and clean your gums.

   It has everything to please!

   A fresh lemon is pressed and the liquid obtained is used to brush the teeth.

   Depending on the desired result, it will be necessary to be patient, because it is imperative not to renew the operation more than twice a week.

   In case of open wound or fragile gums, it is not recommended to practice this type of washing, which could be very irritating.

   An intelligent method is to mix it with sodium bicarbonate to neutralize the citric acid of the lemon.

Tomato juice


   Rich in hydrogen peroxide tomato is a very healthy food to keep beautiful teeth.

   Not only does it disinfect the mouth to prevent inflammation of the gums, but it also actively combats the formation of plaque.

   Just put a little on a cotton and pass it on the enamel as many times as necessary.

   Generally, the assessment is satisfactory after three weeks.

Orange peel


   Like lemon, orange is able to whiten teeth.

   This time, however, it is not necessary to spoil the fruit pulp.

   We just snatch a good slice of peel and rub the white part – the mesocarp on the teeth for 45 seconds.

   Then we brush our teeth normally after waiting about 30 minutes, to let the substance act.

The Banana Peel


   Some sites recommend rubbing your teeth with a banana peel to whiten your teeth.

   A famous American site says that thanks to the contact of the minerals contained in the banana peel (potassium, magnesium and manganese), teeth whiten naturally.


   As of today, no scientific study confirms these statements!

   But since there are many positive testimonials about this method of teeth whitening, you can try it.

 If you get a certain result, write your testimony (see contact below).

Green clay


   What’s more natural than clay?

   Clay is made of silica, alumina salts, iron, magnesium and other minerals that come from the rocks of the Earth’s crust.

   Green Clay is used in the field of health for its many medicinal virtues.

   Some people also use it as part of an oral care.


   Since green clay contains abrasive particles, it can play a role in properly cleaning the surface of teeth during brushing and whitening the surface of teeth.

   Dentists do not recommend doing this every day because this polishing will weaken tooth enamel as the days go by.

   But you can do it once in a while, once a week for example.

   Green, white or red clay has the property of cleaning the mouth by absorbing all the impurities and odors.

   You will get fresh breath. Clay is found in pharmacy or can be bought on some sites on the internet.

  Its price is very affordable!

The strawberries


   Strawberries are fruits that, in addition to their incomparable and much appreciated taste, can also be used as whitening agents for teeth.

   These red fruits contain both astringent substances and vitamin C.

   The astringent substances help to remove stains on the surface of the teeth while vitamin C whitens teeth by eliminating the formation of dental plaque.

   Do not hesitate, eat more strawberries!

Oxygenated Water


   Most teeth whitening products contain hydrogen peroxide, an aqueous solution of the formula H2O2, better known as hydrogen peroxide.

    It is mainly used to bleach pulp.

   This chemical compound exists naturally in living beings as a by-product of cellular respiration, which is why it is introduced into natural remedies for whitening teeth.

  On the teeth the oxygenated water oxidizes the dark molecules and reduces the stains that yellow or dirty the surface of the teeth.

   According to a trade journal, teeth whitening products containing less than 6% hydrogen peroxide are unlikely to have an adverse effect on the body as a whole because it decays rapidly.

   However, avoid using oxygenated water if you have cavities, wear injuries or if you have dental hypersensitivity.

   Brush your teeth in the evening before going to sleep with your toothpaste on which you poured a drop of oxygenated water to 10 volumes.

   Do it only 5 days a month!

Coconut oil


   Coconut oil is known to have antimicrobial properties.

   Indeed, a study has confirmed that coconut oil destroys strains of streptococci, bacteria present in large numbers in the mouth, which damage the teeth in the long term.

   It even destroys Streptococcus mutans, another bacterium that converts sugar into lactic acid and contributes to the formation of dental caries.

   What we did not know before is that coconut oil also helps to whiten teeth.

   Should we swallow it? No ! You drop the equivalent of a tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth.

   You keep it in your mouth for a good quarter of an hour by passing it between your teeth.

   You spit it out before brushing your teeth with your usual toothpaste.

   This ayurvedic technique is called ‘kavala graham’ or ‘oil pulling’, in English.


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